Kalinga Cottages is located at the highest point in Manali. The cottages are pretty with a stone facade and sloping bright red roofs, which contrasts beautifully with the bright blue sky and surrounding foliage. The cottages are a cozy retreat for those looking for privacy and peaceful surroundings.

Ideal for honeymooners and those travelling with their families. Each cottage is separated by well manicured lawn and the lawn have patio furniture so you can relax and enjoy the view from the gardens.

Rangari, is situated barely a kilometer and a half, short of Manali town, a branching metalled road from hotel Nagesh leading to kanayal village lands you at the destination in just under five minutes. Seeing is believing, so it is said, but for rangari, yes seeing is believing, the majestic HAMTA TOP with all its enchanting height welcome the visitors with a utopian charm.